WERA Round 2 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway: Tyler Linders

My Dad and I arrived to the track late Friday night, ready to race! We setup our Outlaw Racing/ ADR team pit and finished working on our Yamaha R6. Thanks to Shaun from Trackoholics for sorting out the electrical problems that we had at Round 1to get the bike prepped for Round 2.


I had just come back from the Yamaha Champions Riding School and learned how to be a whole new rider thanks to Ken Hill, Nick Ienatsch, Shane Turpin, and Scott Russell. I went out for the first session on Saturday, excited to try all of the new skills I had learned from the school the week before. In the first session I felt good. I got warmed up and looked over the whole track. In the next session I stayed focused on my new techniques and continued to try and make them second nature. The third session was great! I went out and put down a 1:21.1. The bike felt great and I was ready for the 20 Lap Solo.


In the 20 Lap Solo I started on the 7th row in about 18th place. I got a good start and made up a few positions. Each lap I passed a few people and would catch up to the next group. After a while I got up to 6th place and stayed there. I was behind Ryan Matter, but I couldn’t catch him. On the 10th lap Joey Pascarella crashed and the race was red flagged. It was not restarted and I finished in 6th. I ended up turning a 1:20.3, which I was very happy with. In that race I had a few problems with the front end during transitions. Thanks to Lenny Albin from Superbike Chassis we changed the setup to a stiffer rear spring and Lenny also revalved the shock. We were ready for Sunday morning practice to test out the new setup.


I went out for the first session on the cold Sunday morning and ran a respectable time for the weather. The new setup was awesome, but I still had a little bit of the same problem. Lenny adjusted the clickers and I went out for the 2nd session of practice. The bike felt exactly how I wanted it too. The setup felt amazing.


The first race was C Superbike, where I started in the 2nd wave on the 14th row in 34th place. I was way back and I knew I had to come through the field. On the 1st lap I passed 10 people and crossed the line in 24th place. The 2nd lap I crossed the finish line in 22nd place, then 20th place, next 18th place, and on the fifth lap I crossed the line in 13th place. Next was Wyatt Farris, I was catching him a little bit. I only had a little time though and couldn’t get close enough to make a move. I finished in 13th place and turned a 1:19.1, which made me the 6th quickest rider of the race.


My second race was B superbike. I started on the 4th row and got a great start. By the end of the first lap I was in 5th place, and then I passed Javelin Broderick for 4th place. On lap 4 Dustin Dominguez was right on my tail. He was doing everything he could to try to get by on the brakes, but I was able to get good enough drives to keep him behind me until the end of the race. I finished in 4th .256 seconds ahead. My best time was a 1:18.6. I was very proud of my finish considering the competition was tough.


The next race was C Superstock and I started on the 3rd row. By the time we got to the finish line after the completion of one lap I was in 4th place. Wyatt Farris was in front of me and I couldn’t catch him, we stayed about 1.5 seconds apart the whole race. I finished in 4th again with Dustin Dominguez following closely in 5th.


The last race of the weekend was B Superstock, where I started on the 3rd row again in 8th place. On the first lap I came by in 7th place. The next person in sight was Daytona Anderson. On the 3rd lap I got a good drive out of T4 and stayed right in Anderson’s draft. I pulled out of the draft and passed him entering T5 as he rolled out of the gas. I was in 6th and Matt Presting was right in front of me. On lap 4 I got a good drive out of the last turn and passed Presting on the inside on the brakes into T1. The pass didn’t stick because I got in to the turn too fast. It allowed Presting and Anderson to pass me. I was now way back, but I was able to pass Anderson on the brakes into T3. I had to catch Presting but he was gone. I pushed really hard for two laps and on the last lap I turned a personal best of a 1:18.5. I was right on him on the exit of the last turn. I setup wide and got a good drive, but couldn’t get him before the line. I finished in 6th .1 second behind Presting.


I had a great weekend and was very happy with my results. I would like to give a special thanks to Mookie Wilkerson and Jason Padarez from Outlaw Racing and huge thanks to Lenny Albin from Superbike Chassis for getting my setup dialed in.


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