Tyler Linders: CVMA Round 1 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

My Dad and I woke up early Saturday morning and drove out to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway to get setup for practice. When we arrived, I was amazed; there wasn’t any space to pit. The track was packed. It was an incredible turnout. The Outlaw Racing/ADR team moved some of their equipment to find some space for us. Our whole team got setup and we all went out for the 1st practice. I felt great and the setup of the bike felt amazing, thanks to Lenny Albin at Superbike Chassis. In the 2nd session I improved and I was ready for qualifying.

Tyler Hitting the Apex

Tyler Hitting the Apex

I went up to hot pit for qualifying and was waiting for some clear track. As I was waiting, the session was red flagged. I went back to the pits and put the tire warmers back on. A little later the track went back to a green flag. As I was waiting on hot pit, the track was red flagged again. I went back to my pit and we put the tire warmers on again. At this point, I waited a little while and then the track went green. I looked for a clear spot on the track and took off. I took one sighting lap and then started pushing. On my second lap I put down a 1:51.7.  I did one more lap and then came in.  My dad and I discussed it and we thought I was on the first or second row, so we parked the bike.  When CVMA put up the grids, I found out I qualified in 2nd place on the grid.

My first race was Formula Middleweight, which had me gridded in the middle of the 1st row.  I got a good start and slotted into 2nd place behind Lex Hartl. I followed him the first lap to see where I was faster than him. As we crossed the finish line Hartl was given the meatball flag, which meant he jumped the start and had to serve a ride through penalty. I came through T15 and got a drive on Hartl, as we approached T16 I pulled up right along the outside of him on the brakes. When I was beside him he put his hand up and started exiting the track. I had no idea he was going to serve his ride through penalty on this lap. He started going wide to exit the track, so Jeffrey Tigert, who was in 3rd went up the inside of Hartl as I had to roll around the outside of Hartl during his exit of the track. Now Jeffrey was in 1st and I was in 2nd, while Lex was in pit lane in 3rd. When Jeffrey claimed 1st place I was pushed very wide because I had to go around the outside of Hartl, so I squared up the corner and got a good drive down the front straight and I passed Jeffrey back on the brakes in T1. Jeffrey and I completed one more lap in these positions, but on lap four Tigert got a great drive out of T14 and passed me on the brakes into T15. I followed him the rest of lap 4 and through lap 5. On lap 6, the final lap, I was very close to Tigert on the brakes into the last turn and tried to setup a pass to get the drive down the straightaway. I got an amazing drive onto the front straight but came up .2 seconds short from 1st place. Tigert finished in 1st and I finished in 2nd place. My best lap of the race was a 1:49.8, which was the fastest lap of the race.

My last race of the day was SuperSport Middleweight. I was gridded in the middle of the first row again and I got a good start. In T1 I was in 2nd place directly behind Hartl. On the second lap I got a great drive out of T3 and setup wide for T4. I stayed wide until he got on the gas between T4 and T5. Once he did that I kept it tight and got on the gas hard to make the pass stick for 1st place. Shortly after that Tigert got by Hartl and was right on me. On lap four Tigert got a good drive out of T13 and passed me into T14. I followed him for one lap and tried to attack on the last lap in the last corner. I went really deep on the brakes into T16 and squared up the corner to get a good drive down the straightaway toward the finish line. I came up .06 seconds short and I finished in 2nd behind Tigert. My best lap from the race was a 1:49.6.

I was very happy with my results from Saturday, but I knew I could step it up a bit and go for a win. On Sunday my Dad and I were ready to take on the challenge. I went out for the first practice session and the bike setup was right where I like it. I was ready for the three races of the day.

My first race on Sunday was SuperSport Middleweight, which I was gridded on the first row in 2nd place. I got an amazing start and went straight to the front. I was in 1st by T1 and tried to make a gap, but Tigert and Lex were on pace. Tigert and I pushed really hard and broke away from Hartl. I was able to keep Tigert behind me by .3 seconds at the finish and came home with my first win of the year.

The next race was the Middleweight Shootout, which was ten laps. I was gridded up on the front row in 2nd place with another good start. I was in 2nd Place in T2. I was following Hartl for the first six laps and then the wind started to pick up and it affected my setup. I couldn’t get my bike to hold its line. I started dropping off and Tigert passed me. I finished in 3rd with some valuable information on setup.

 Tyler through a fast left-hander

My last race was Formula Middleweight. We made a change in the setup because of the wind I was struggling with. I gridded up for the race in the middle of the first row. I got a great start and a I was in 1st place in T1. I put my head down and started to pull a little gap back to 2nd place, Daytona Anderson. We both rode well. I finished 1st and my teammate, Anderson, finished 2nd. The change on the bike felt great and I was back on pace.

Overall the weekend was fantastic! I went home with two wins and I was happy with my bike and my team for all of the hard work to get me to where I am today.

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