Tyler Linders: AMA Pro SuperSport Round 4 at Miller Motorsports Park

Team Rotobox/Nexx, my Dad, and I arrived at theMillerMotorsportsParkfacility on Thursday and we started working on the bike. We had some clutch issues, so we pulled the clutch cover and replaced the old clutch with a new one. On Friday we finished up the clutch and took off our suspension to get it worked on by Lenny Albin from Superbike Chassis. At the end of the day we had the bike all prepped and ready for tech inspection on Saturday morning.

When I woke up on Saturday morning I took the bike to tech and then brought it to the pit wall, where I put on the tire warmers for the first practice. I went out for practice and everything felt good, except I had some rear grip issues. I finished the session in P7. I talked to Lenny about the setup and we made a few changes for Qualifying 1. I went out for Q1 and the bike felt great. I was really happy with the setup and I felt that I could push the bike hard. In Q1 I was sitting in P4 and P5 for most of the session until the last few minutes when a few people went out on a softer tire. I then dropped back to P11. I was very happy with the bike, but we decided to make a tiny change for Q2 on Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning the rain came. Q2 was wet and we had a set of rains, but we decided to save them in case the race was wet. I didn’t go out in Q2 because of this. Q2 was wet, so the riders were slower than in Q1. This made combined qualifying have the same as Q1, which put me in 11th place on row three for my race.

My race was mid-day on Sunday and I was super excited to get out there and race. I felt very confident in my riding and I was hoping for a top 10 finish. My start of the race was great and I entered T1 in 5th place. On the first lap going into T5 Zach Herrin passed me on the brakes and I squared up the corner and passed him right back on the brakes into T6. Then on the exit of the attitudes I ran wide, which allowed Herrin to get back by me. I was in 6th place. After that Tomas Puerta and Hayden Gillim passed me and I was in 8th place. I got a great drive out of the last corner and passed Puerta back on the brakes into T1, but I ran wide and Puerta took that position back. On the entrance of T3 Gillim and Herrin bumped and Herrin ran wide. That put me into 7th position. On lap 2 Dustin Dominguez out broke me into T11. This move put me back to 8th place. Dominguez made his way through the field and I followed. I got a good run around the outside of Elena Myers in T7 and out broke her into T8. On lap 3, I passed Stefano Mesa the same way I passed Myers the lap before with my T7-T8 move. On Lap 4 Mesa passed me back on the brakes into T5. I stayed on the outside of him and passed him back on the brakes into T6. Mesa got a great drive out of T11 and we were side by side on the brakes into T12. He closed the door on me and made a great pass. I got a good drive off of the last turn and passed Mesa back on the entrance of T1. Then Mesa passed me back on the brakes into T5. On lap 8, I got a great drive out of the last corner and sat in Mesa’s draft until right before the braking zone of T1, where I pulled out and got by him. Mesa, then, got a great drive out of T4 and out broke me into T5. Mesa and I then both put our heads down and we caught up to James Rispoli, Puerta, Jake Lewis, and Dominguez. Once we were close enough to make a pass, Puerta, Lewis, and Dominguez started to pull away. Mesa got by Rispoli on the brakes into T12 and I got a good drive out of the last corner and out broke Rispoli into T1. It took me a couple corners to get by Rispoli and by that time Mesa started to break away. Mesa was just far enough away where I lost the tow down the straight. I was in 6th place with Mesa in front of me, but I couldn’t pass him. I ended up crossing the finish line in 6th place. I was very happy with my finish and I couldn’t have asked for more during my second ever AMA Pro race.

I would like to give a big thanks to all of my sponsors, who make my dream possible. I couldn’t possibly do this well without you guys. Thank you very much!

Thank you to my Sponsors:

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