The Cool(er) Metric

Barrels of attitude, rock-solid build quality and better-than average class performance: This is the pot of gold most new cruiser buyers are searching for these days. Some riders also crave intangibles like “authenticity” as prerequisites, so you can see why that list of features is not easy to find in one machine. But there are at least three bikes out there that pretty much get all that: the Star Bolt.

OK, so it’s really one motorcycle, but in all its incarnations— which include three different trim levels—this modest middleweight has managed to cover all the bases, with minimalist styling, best-in-class performance numbers and a wealth of accessories that allow you to roll your own, as they say. So, what distinguishes each model?


The bare-bones Bolt serves up a solid piece of all-around goodness:  A slim, bobber-style machine with fuel injection, belt drive and an air-cooled 942cc, 60-degree V-twin with four valves per cylinder. A low seat height and friendly price tag of $7,990 means it’ll appeal to all.

Bolt R-Specboltr

A couple hundred dollars more buys a style upgrade in the form of spicier color choices, up-spec, dual piggyback shocks and a host of other accessory options. The solo seat and rigid-mounted engine are the same as the base version, so mostly the R-Spec just looks a bit better than its stock brother, for an MSRP of $8,390.

Bolt C-Specboltc

The most recent variation of the Bolt is the C-Spec, which is the standard model but with a café-racer treatment. That includes clip-on handlebars, traditional fork boots, a removable passenger cowl and sportier graphics, all meant to evoke the café craze that’s been sweeping the globe lately. Looking this cool will cost you $8,690.

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