Sofia “CandyStripes” Amadio

Sofia”CandyStripes” Amadio


Feasterville,PA (airforce brat; born in Ogden UT but grew up in PA)

Age: 33

Sofia AmadioRacing blindsided me… I got into motorcycles to abate my 60 mile daily round trip, but discovered a passion I never thought could exist. Commuting lead to group rides which led to canyons which brought me to the track which of course naturally led to racing. I have only been riding four years and racing less than a year, but I am already competitive at the expert level, middle pack, and posting improved lap times nearly every time I am at the track. In my first year of racing I learned a lot of hard lessons in hard ways… I earned the nickname “Candystripes” due to a close encounter with the curbing in turn1 of Chuckwalla Valley Raceway that landed me in the hospital for a week. In the past year I have accumulated 20 fractures, 2 concussions and a collapsed lung, but every time I get back on the bike I have a little less fear and get a little faster. I started racing at CVMA turning 2:28 lap times (a “B group” pace) and in 4 rounds of racing I am now turning 2:03s and 2:04s trying my best to catch the ‘fast guys’ who turn sub-2:00 laps. I expect to make up this ground by the end of the 2012 season.

Sofia Amadio on a rail at ChuckwallaI grew up inPennsylvania, the youngest of two, and moved to California to follow a career in software engineering for the defense industry. Frankly I am a Geek-turned-Gearhead. I started working on my own bikes because my trusted mechanic made a wisecrack about how I do none of my own work. The result? My current race bike has never seen been in the shop. I race a Suzuki SV650 with GSXR600 suspension components (forks & shock) which I managed to replace on my own. I race in the Formula class because of my suspension work, but the motor is bone stock; I even have the stock exhaust at the moment. I did all my safety wiring, coolant flush, and manage my own tire changes at the track. I am not planning on doing much motor work because I need this bike to be reliable. I race against a lot of folks from WestCoastGP Cycles, who have >90HP SVs, against my stock 72HP, but I believe that it makes me a better rider having to contend on the same arena with less hardware.

2/3rds of GirlClutch RacingI am currently sponsored by Cycle Gear, Torco Lubricants, Woodcraft, Armour Bodies, Bazzaz, Livewire Energy, and Wreckage Clothing. I ride for GirlClutch Racing with Christin Voros #161 and Jen Dunstan #70. GirlClutch Racing officially started in Round 4 of CVMA 2011 and is the brain child of Christin. It is the competitive branch of GirlClutch which is an all-girl street riding group that Christin started with focus on the ride, not just the destination. Jen joined us starting this season and is off to a crazy-good start!

My Personal Best:

I won my first race against boys. It was round 5 of CVMA 2011; Amateur Formula Twins. The grid was small, part of the reason I moved up to Expert, but I botched my start and still managed to work my way to the front of the pack before the first lap completed and was able to hold the lead the entire race. It was a very close race, right up to the last turn. David Martin tried to pass me on the inside and I closed the door on him. As he checked up, he pushed Steve Zabzdyr wide and off the track. That season I also took the Amateur Supersport Twins Championship; tied for first.

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