Resurrection Roadster


Resurrection Roadster

ICON’s Roach Custom is a Perfect Fit for “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Is it just us, or does this bike look, er, buggy? The ’86 Sportster was affectionately dubbed “The Roach” by its creators, but not for the reason you might think. In this case, it’s about resilience: Roaches are said to be one of the few creatures that will survive the mutually assured destruction that our belligerent species has been gearing up for over the years. Once the mushroom cloud comes, few living beings will wake up the morning after, and roaches will be one of them. Seems the loony gearheads at ICON Motorsports in Portland, Ore., sensed those same indefatigable qualities in this nondescript Sportster when cobbling her together, and the name stuck.

Completely unvarnished, patinaed with the determined neglect of three decades, this rig started life as a dropkicked 1986 Harley-Davidson Sportster acquired from who knows where. As the ICON guys tell it, though “…her rusted tins belied her pristine guts”; this baby was willing, if the fabricator was able. Oversized forged pistons and a back-cut tranny conspired to give her both the lungs and legs of something far more refined. Although originally meant for the street, the Roach has become pretty accomplished at occasional off-road forays, too, thanks to the 19-inch rims shod with rarely seen Maxxis DTR-1 rubber, which lets her toggle between upstanding and just plain dirty.

In fact, the Roach practically begs to be ridden across desolate, post-apocalyptic landscapes—the kind splayed across many current movie screens. Frankly, it’d be ideal in a “Mad Max” movie, no? That’s what the ICON guys thought when they built her several years back, and now, with the release of the new “Mad Max: Fury Road” action flick, who knows? Maybe the Roach will find a new home in the next installment. Even in these “endest” of days, it will still probably find a way to survive.


Photos Courtesy Of ICON Motorsports

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