Pre Hangtown Bike Night in Sacramento

Sacramento Bike Night

Sacramento Bike Night

Just when you thought the Sacramento Bike Nights couldn’t get any better, Cycle Gear partnered up with a cornucopia of vendors and special guests. Riders scheduled to appear are:

Davi Milsaps and Kyle Chisholm.

Whats that? You want to talk to some vendors as well? OK, how does this list strike you.

Metal MulishaO’Nea,l FMFGoProMSRAnswerProTaperMotorexRed BullDunlop100% Goggles, and Leo Vince

Really? You want more? How does a shot at winning a set of Dunlops or a GoPro camera sound? There will be a slow race with fabulous prizes, and as usual, food, drinks, and raffle prizes.

We thought you might like that. Come on out to the Sacramento Superstore on Thursday, May 17th and say hi. The fun starts at 5pm!

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