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Dainese’s Wireless Airbag is True 21st Century Protection

You’ve got your featherlite ECE lid, Kevlar biaxial boots and hand-stitched kangaroo suit ready for the track day tomorrow. But, man, don’t you wish there was some way to swaddle yourself in bubble wrap before taking on that wicked Turn 9 at Willow Springs?

Well, now you can (sort of), with Dainese’s D-air Racing system, coming to the States this month. To put it in layman’s terms, you’ll now be able to purchase a state-of-the-art wireless motorcycle airbag, which has simply not been available to the sport-riding public in North America until now.

Dainese D-air Racing Misano One-Piece Leather Motorcycle Suit

D-air Racing technology, which deploys an impact-cushioning airbag around the neck and collarbone area just before a crash, has been offered to European riders since 2011 (the D-air Street version came soon after). The wireless system is based on a track-focused application refined with input from MotoGP riders like Valentino Rossi, and first seen at the 2007 Valencia Grand Prix. When D-air Racing hits U.S. markets in September, it’ll be with the off-the-rack Misano Raching Suit, a one-piece D-skin leather garment available in standard sizes.

So, how does it work? Inside the Misano’s aerodynamic back-hump, there’s a cluster of seven sensors, three accelerometers, three gyroscopes and a GPS module. The rider’s movements are monitored by those electronics, and when an eminent crash is detected, a sophisticated algorithm triggers a Cool Gas Generator, which activates a 4-liter airbag. The pouch opens in just 45 milliseconds (that includes triggering, activation and deployment), cushioning the rider’s shoulders, neck and collarbone before impact. For comparison, the blink of a human eye typically takes 300-400 milliseconds. A data-acquisition feature is also included, to monitor lap times, acceleration, braking distances and cornering lines.

Dainese D-air Racing Misano One-Piece Leather Motorcycle Suit deployed

At $2,499.95, it’s fair to assume the Misano is likely intended for pro-level racers or those logging a lot of track days. An optional Extended Service Package costs $299, but that gets you unlimited re-arming of the bag for two years, plus 15% off repairs. For U.S. riders who want the best motorcycle safety technology (and who have deep pockets), there’s really nothing else like it.

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