Motorcycle Safety Tip – Tire Safety

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Your only point of contact to the real world; how can you tell they need attention.

  • A little sag in their profile/improper pressure.
  • Bike handling seems to get a bit sluggish.
  • Tires start to make more noise and obvious wear this can be indicated by wear bars or the penny test. Insert a penny in the tread Lincoln head first, if the tread does not cover the top of his head the tire is worn out.
  • Tires will discolor lose their luster and crack from prolonged exposure.
  • Tubes actually move within the tire, it is a good idea to replace them with every tire change.
  • *Knobs will start to break off.
  • *Leading edge of rear tire becomes rounded


  1. A variety of tire pressure gauges
  2. One cent piece (penny)
  3. Tire irons
  4. Rim protector
  5. Valve stem puller

*off-road tires

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