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Motorcyclist in general are very good about safety equipment above the waist.

  • There are a lot of great reasonably priced riding pants out there. Anything from leather, textile, mesh or denim with padding at all the potential impact points.
  • Boots; ankle and arch protection, many times especially at slow speeds one of your feet will be the first thing that will make contact.
  • Visibility; another area that is not thought of much, there is a great deal of products on the market that aid in this area.
  • Proper helmet fit is paramount to safety. If it seems a little tight it probably fits. See an associate for details.
  • Even your helmet has a wear limit, no manufacturer would recommend a helmet more than five years after sale.
  • Hi-vis helmets and clothing and add-on accessories to aid being seen.


  1. Hi-viz helmet
  2. Hi-vis clothing
  3. Boots or Riding shoes
  4. Riding pants
  5. Elbow guards
  6. Goggles
  7. Roost protector
  8. Back protector

*In the off-road world you should wear every piece of safety equipment head to toe that is available; most of you have to go to work Monday

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