Long Term Product Review: Sedici Veneto Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Pants

As a year round daily commuter I have gone through many combinations of waterproof gear, usually out of necessity; needing to replace a leaking jacket or pair of pants after a winter season or so. This has not been the case with the Sedici Vento Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Pants. I am in the middle of my second winter with these pants having paired them with the Sedici Napoli Jacket, and they have not let me down yet.

Sedici Veneto Waterproof Textile Motorcycle PantsThe Vento pants are a 600 denier material with 1200 denier reinforcements in the knees and thighs. There is a removable quilted liner in addition to the built in waterproof/breathable inner material. I find the Vento pants are very warm (I have ridden on days below freezing) without the quilted liner, but I should point out that my motorcycle has full fairings and an undertail exhaust; my legs are never cold. Even though they are waterproof pants, there are zippered leg vents on the upper thighs which are covered by a small storm flap.  The pants have CE approved knee armor that has a supplemental molded plastic and titanium cap on the outside for extra durability in case of a crash. The armor lines up with my knees and remains snug without being uncomfortable. There is a full circumference zipper allowing the Vento pants to attach to any Sedici Jacket with the same zipper. I found that the zipper also worked with another brand leather jacket that I had, so it might work with a jacket that you already own as well. Even though they are black, they are quite visible at night thanks to a bit of reflective piping down the back of each leg.

But are they Waterproof?

Leg Vent

The Leg Vent in its Open Position

I must admit that the small storm flap overlap on the vents did not inspire much confidence when I first saw it. I thought for sure I would be soaked through after even a light misting. I was 100% wrong. I have worn these pants almost every ride that I have been on for one and a half winters and the rainiest Northern California summer I have experienced without a single leak. They have seen rain, hail and snow and have left me warm and dry mile after mile, storm after storm.

Are they Perfect?

There are a couple of shortcomings, but nothing that would prevent me from buying another pair. I am 6 feet tall, and I would have liked to have seen “tall” sizing. Once I am in the riding position the bottom of the pant legs are up a little higher than I would like them to be on my boots. I have hit some large puddles that splashed a little water up into the space between my boots and pants but have been fortunate to not have any spillover into the boots. They do not have a full-leg zipper which would have made the transition from “motorcyclist” to “guy walking around the mall” a little simpler. I do not get much benefit from the leg vents due to the fairings on my bike, but I did get a good amount of airflow when riding a friends Monster. I also managed to scratch up the titanium knee caps the first day I had them when knelt to check my tire pressure.

External Knee Armor

After Almost Two Years, Some Dimpling has Occurred on the External Armor.

The Sedici Vento pants have a Lifetime Guarantee, and I can see why. They have kept me dry in situations were much more expensive gear has failed me, and I would put them head to head against gear twice the price.

Waist Adjustment and Zipper Attachment

Waist Adjustment and Zipper Attachment With the Quilted Liner Visible in the Background

Reflective Piping

Reflective Piping After Almost Two Seasons of Use

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