In Over My Head Part Two…The Garage

In the first installment, I brought the Husky home. This post was supposed to be chock-full of tear-down details and a breakdown of my findings whether tragic or triumphant. It was supposed to be brimming with tales of media blasting, penetrating oils, and good old fashioned wrenching. That, however, would require me being able to actually get to my tool box.

Remember that uncomfortable couch? We are getting rid of it, free to a good home. My new couch is being built now, I am imagining by the hands of a skilled “Sofa Ninja” in some remote mountain location.  Right now a guy with a razor sharp sword is doing back-flips as he carves the frame out of a solid piece of wood, making sure to use ample amounts of padding fit for the kings of the ancient civilization that his great grandfather constructed couches for. It will then be fitted with rich Corinthian Leather by the hands of a Ricardo Montalbon impersonator.

“What is it with this guy and living room furniture? Yet another post that has nothing to do with motorcycles”, you are probably muttering as your cursor hovers over the back button. Wait! allow me to explain. In addition to the new couch, my wife and I picked up a new entertainment center, and after 6 or so years are finally painting our living room. To avoid paint splatter, the contents of my living room had to go somewhere. That somewhere is every available square inch of my tiny, built in the 40’s, single car garage. It is so crowded that “Jules”, my beloved Triumph Sprint ST is having to spend a few cold nights outside. I promised her a nice trip to her favorite canyon this weekend to make it up to her, and I hope she shows her forgiveness by starting in the morning after the below freezing overnight temps that we have been having.

Poor Motorbike, forced to sleep outside.

Poor and frosty, Jules the Motorbike is forced to sleep outside.

I just wanted to keep everybody in the loop. Hopefully you all will be as forgiving as “Jules” and come along on the ride this tear-down and rebuild will be!

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