Sneaky Fast Spotlight: Danielle Diaz

Sneaky Fast Spotlight

Danielle Diaz

Cycle Gear Racing Road Racer

A sharp eye will recognize our next “Sneaky Fast Spotlight” Racer as number 86 from the Sneaky Fast Spotlight banner. Ladies and gentlemen we bring you Danielle Diaz. Before we get into her racing background, check out this video of her in action (produced by from the 2011 AFM Racing season.

Danielle first began racing 2 months after she rode her first dirt bike. She started out at the Chowchilla speedway on a PW 80, and rounded out the year winning her first series championship in flat track racing. From 2002 to 2003 Danielle won a few more championships on her 80 and on a KX 65. In 2004, Danielle moved up to a CR 85 and began to race AMA events. She continued racing a CR 85 for one year, and at the end of 2004 her team purchased a RMZ 250. Danielle raced on a 250 for 2 years; traveling as far as Illinois for the Grand Amateur Dirt Track Nationals. During those 2 years she also participated in the West Coast Amateur Dirt Track Nationals, and in the South West Amateur Dirt Track Nationals, finishing out 3rd overall. During this time, Danielle earned her way up to become an A (expert) rider, and had moved up to a 450 in 2007.

Once on a 450, she was competing regularly in the Pro Am/Open A class. In September of 2007 she had her first experience on a road race bike; Danielle was invited to participate in the US Red Bull Rookies Cup try-­outs in Birmingham, Alabama. Although Danielle did not make the Rookies Cup team, the experience made her confident that road racing was what she wanted to pursue. She continued to race flat track until 2010, while her team worked on getting a road race bike put together. Finally, in January 2010 she had her first chance at a road race on her SV 650.

Danielle on her SV650 Racing with the AFM in 2011

In 2010 Danielle turned pro in the AMA Pro Flat Track Series, however attended very little flat track races since her focus was road racing. During the year she participated in most of the WERA West Coast road races for and finished the year off with two series championships. Danielle has dedicated the 2011 season to road racing and to getting as much seat time as possible. Danielle participated in most of the AFM races during the year, and additionally in several WERA races. She finished the year off as the Top Novice in the 650 Twins and 650 Production classes in the AFM series.

During the 2012 racing season Danielle will be participating in the SuperSport West Division of AMA Pro Road Racing “La Fiesta” GSX-R 600. The 2012 season will be Danielle’s first official year on a 600 and will be focusing on getting as much seat time and experience as possible. Cycle Gear is proud to be one of her sponsors and has enjoyed watching her grow as a racer.


  •  AFM Road Racing Series: 2011 season top novice in 650 Twins and 650 Production.


  •  WERA Road Racing Series -­ 2010 season champion in the Lightweight Twins Superstock Novice, and in the Lightweight Twins Superbike Novice classes.


  •  The Stockton Mile -­ Placed 3rd in the “Run What You Brung” Class and 5th in the 250 class
  •  West Coast Flat Track Series Top Gun/Pro Singles -­ Qualified 6th out of 39, Pomona, California.
  •  West Coast Flat Track Series Top Gun Class -­ 3rd place in series.


  • AMA Dirt Track Nationals -­ Made all mains and placed 8th in the 251-­450 DTX class, DuQuoin, Illinois.
  • West Coast Flat Track Series Top Gun Class -­ Made all mains, 4th place finish, Lebanon, Oregon
  • West Coast Flat Track Series Open A -­ Made main, Cottage Grove, Oregon
  • Laguna Seca Women’s Invitational Supermoto -­ Won open class and 150 exhibition


  • Lodi Cycle Bowl -­ Pro Am 4th place in series
  • Red Bull Rookies Cup -­ Participated at tryouts event, Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, Alabama.


  • Arizona Speedway -­ 3rd place in the Southwest Amateur Nationals


  • Red Rider Program -­ Participated in the 150 supermoto challenge, Del Mar, California.