Conner Menning

About The Rider –When I was 2 I got my first dirt bike with training wheels. I have always ridden around our house just for fun. I recently decided that motocross would be more fun. I went to my first race in November, 2010. I got 2nd out of 7, and had the most fun I have ever had. Motocross is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I would love to ride motocross the rest of my life. I love the feeling I get when I am out on the track competing with my friends, and knowing I am bettering myself at a sport I love.

I live at home with my Mom, Dad, and 2 younger sisters. I enjoy riding with my family on our property, and helping my sisters get into the sport too. I practice very hard, and race harder. I just recently completed a training session with Scott Steffy mx school which has helped me significantly with my cornering, and overall performance. My mom, dad, and Grandma do everything they can to help me further my motorcycle career. I am very excited about my 2011 season. I am very thankful for all of My sponsors.

Age: 8

Hometown: Kelso, Washington

Racing Series: TNMX, Red Bull Dirty Dozen, Straddleline, Riverdale, Woodland MX


Conner is supported by Cycle Gear Vancouver

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